donderdag 22 december 2016


Yes! A few days before Christmas our new bed finally arrived!

 It can be pretty hard to make the bed with a bengal around ☺︎

Still missing a couple bedside lamps and skirting boards but we're getting there...

donderdag 1 december 2016

My Mate Mobli

Quite unusual for the time of year, we had two nights of reasonable frost in a row.
But after these cold nights we enjoyed two beautiful days of sunshine ☀︎ 
With Mobli on my lap I soaked up some sunrays on the terrace.
I have noticed my favourite feral is not only getting older but also skinnier.
He's on a veterinary cat diet, supplemented with his own catch of mice and rats.
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But his fur is shining, when I call him he comes running to me and you could be
fooled because he looks like a healthy, athletic adult cat at first sight.
He still climbs the fence and jumps on the gate easily.
I can only hope we'll get him trough another winter, he can be with us for at least
another summer and that he'll eventually die in his sleep peacefully ✭