donderdag 28 december 2017


I'm so sorry for my absence... but I do have a good excuse...
I've been busy working, enjoying good company of friends and family
and spending lots of quality time with the kenderman ★

 I guess this is fresh watercress, the plant I buy regularly... 

my soulmate... for almost 25 years... the kenderman

donderdag 14 december 2017


Someone tipped me Discogs and I finally found the LP I was looking for ★

woensdag 13 december 2017

zondag 3 december 2017


Minimalism is something that has always appealed to me.

A while ago I came across this documentary Minimalism.
Eventually we were able to watch the documentary by the the minimalists
and even the kenderman was warming up to this idea
of downsizing and a simpler life. Yes!

Don't get me wrong, I don't want to be a hardcore minimalist (big smile)

Lately I've been reading this book:
goodbye, things by Fumio Sasaki.
This book really inspired me!

I started going through our books and I filled three boxes for charity.
The next thing was saying goodbye to most of our DVD's.
Still hanging on to just a few DVD's, for now...
We'll probably get rid of them later (smile).
And another 3 bags with clothes left the house,
pretty soon after the 5 large bags 2 months ago.

I really love to be surrounded with beautiful things,
so I'll hold on to a few more objects, not being limited to necessities only.

Like this "unnecessary" but beautiful hand carved Japanese coffee bean scoop...

zaterdag 2 december 2017

Winter Weekend

I know, I know... technically winter hasn't started yet.
But last week I spotted some icing sugar on the roof.
So winter is on it's way...

Hoping you'll enjoy the weekend!

woensdag 22 november 2017

Art Fair

 Yesterday I visited PAN Amsterdam again.
My second edition, accompanied by the same friend.
(you can see the first edition here)

For a brief moment I thought I saw a stunning ancient Viking crib...
but due to the description it's just a side table.
A bit too ornamental to my taste (smile).

I really enjoyed seeing lots of different art, antiques and design.
Some of my favourite items...

 "Moonwalker" by Marjolijn Mandersloot

 "Foxy" by Les Deux Graçons

"A gift of seaweed" by Paul Beumer

"Place" by Tanja Engelberts

too bad luckily the trucks were sold (big smile)

woensdag 15 november 2017


(still wet)

The oak dining table desperately needed some care.

The wood isn't protected with any varnish, oil or wax.
That's why I soap it regularly to get rid of the stains with a
white pigmented Woca soap because I don't like yellowish wood.

I just love the pale colour and the silky touch of the oak wooden table...

vrijdag 27 oktober 2017

New Belfast Sink

After almost 2 years, we finally replaced our damaged Belfast sink.
The damage, a big crack, was caused by a stupid fitter who
emptied our Quooker tank to be able to do some maintenance.
Seven liters of boiling water poured on a stone cold porcelain sink.
Followed by some cold water after the reservoir was completely empty.
The sink just couldn't handle the thermal shock and cracked...

So, after doing some research, I found and bought a similar new porcelain sink.
The kenderman and me installed the new Belfast sink today.
We managed to fit it eventually... with the help of some candle wax ☺︎

Perhaps you are planning some DIY for the weekend.
Whatever the weather.... enjoy the weekend!

vrijdag 20 oktober 2017


I can't help feeling sorry for the loss of this beautiful squirrel.
I just love red squirrels and I treasure the few encounters. 
You could easily be fooled and assume this squirrel is only sleeping...
but I can assure you this one won't wake up again.

- if you Fear, your Heart will decay  -
quote by  L V Hall

In autumn everything seems to sink into decay, it seems to be the season of melancholy.
 I don't know why but I love melancholy, the smell of autumn and the fading sunlight.

I hope you'll be able to enjoy the weekend!

Frogs on Friday

We're both totally into tree frogs since we first laid eyes on them.
(read my earlier post here)
Yesterday, the last sunny and warm autumn day, we went searching again...

 we found a youngster.

Perhaps this little one was a bit tired... he yawned three times in a row.

Soon the tree frogs will start their hibernation.

 We spotted some thicker grown ups.... soaking up the sun