zaterdag 30 juli 2016


Finally my holiday begins! Three weeks of freedom...

The kenderman is working for at least another week (sigh)

vrijdag 29 juli 2016


I really like the building of one of my favourite designers Piet Hein Eek.
This was the first time it was only me visiting the showroom.

(note for myself: don't go there after a couple of hot days)

vrijdag 22 juli 2016

Our Hunter

Despite the fact he can be a ruthless 'killer'... I just love Mobli.

About a week ago, sitting on the couch with Mats on my lap,
I heard some cat fighting and screaming sounds outside.
I instantly suspected this was Mobli so (poor Mats being
catapulted from my lap!) I ran outside and called his name.
Immediately he came running towards me and when I saw
he was reasonably okay, I started pursuing the intruder.
Close upon my heels Mobli followed although I was clapping my hands
loudly to scare the 'bad' cat. We did something similar in the past (smile).
At the end of the garden we stopped and side by side we stared into the darkness.
Mobli was panting due to danger and stress.
After a minute or two we went back to Mobli's den.
I inspected his wounds, gave him some cuddles and extra food.

We're such a great team, Mobli and me! ☆

Enjoy the weekend!

dinsdag 19 juli 2016


Lately I've been thinking about the way we live...
Thinking about downsizing, perhaps changing my job and live a more quiet life.
The book rethink the way you live by Almanda Talbot
encourages me to reflect even more.

zondag 17 juli 2016

Dirk Baksteen

Just a while ago I mentioned Dirk Baksteen.
You can see my earlier post here.

Since we both love his work, we got hold of a couple of his etchings.
We removed the old damaged and sometimes moldy frames
and now we have to get them some new frames.

woensdag 13 juli 2016


This buff-tip moth is incredible with his camouflage. I'm impressed!
But he would better pick a birch or branch to rest instead of this blue stone :)

zondag 10 juli 2016

City Sunday

I discovered this bronze sculpture: 
Man met Stier - 1967 - Paul Grégoire
(check out more statues in Utrecht here)

This sculpture would be fully appreciated in our garden (smiling)
Right now it's cramped between an ugly building and lots of bicycles.
Perhaps someone can convince the council of Utrecht to sell
this sculpture for a symbolic price to me! (winking)

vrijdag 8 juli 2016



If only our field was big enough to keep some rescue donkey.....
It's okay for me to dream, my weekend finally started!
Enjoy your weekend ★

maandag 4 juli 2016

Indoor Tree Fern

This tree fern is too big for my office and it will be too big for the living soon.
Not the best choice for an indoor plant because Cyathea Lunalata
will grow really tall and it needs a big open space.

zondag 3 juli 2016


 This drawing hung in my parents' home for as long as I can remember.
I've always loved it. The rough slate and the realistic monochrome drawing itself.
Originally this slate tile lay on the roof of a church on one of the Wadden Islands.
Upcycling and selling the old tiles provided the necessary funds for a new roof.

Now it's the first thing that catches my eye when I enter my kitchen.
Thank you mum and dad ☆


zaterdag 2 juli 2016

Incredible Scented

If only you could smell this lemon verbena...

To me this is the best scented plant I know.
The flowers smell just heavenly and the leaves contain this aromatic oil.
Especially in wintertime it's such a unexpected surprise when you
unintentionally touch the brown plant or fallen leaves.