vrijdag 22 juli 2016

Our Hunter

Despite the fact he can be a ruthless 'killer'... I just love Mobli.

About a week ago, sitting on the couch with Mats on my lap,
I heard some cat fighting and screaming sounds outside.
I instantly suspected this was Mobli so (poor Mats being
catapulted from my lap!) I ran outside and called his name.
Immediately he came running towards me and when I saw
he was reasonably okay, I started pursuing the intruder.
Close upon my heels Mobli followed although I was clapping my hands
loudly to scare the 'bad' cat. We did something similar in the past (smile).
At the end of the garden we stopped and side by side we stared into the darkness.
Mobli was panting due to danger and stress.
After a minute or two we went back to Mobli's den.
I inspected his wounds, gave him some cuddles and extra food.

We're such a great team, Mobli and me! ☆

Enjoy the weekend!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I suspect you are conditioned by a baby brother that used to call out for help at the slightest hint of trouble :D

    1. You just made me realise, it must have started there!
      But then again I did ask for a baby brother several times before I finally got one :D