zaterdag 29 juli 2017


a closer inspection by the kenderman... (photo from talus)

The brown diagonal is our pollarded common alder tree.
Being the oldest tree in our garden it took the first hit and
had to deal with the full weight of the fallen tree!
It probably saved our barn from getting damaged.

 Already we have a big pile of branches to despatch...

(photo taken from a ladder)

Only 1/3 of the fallen tree has been removed but the trunk laying on our alder
is still too heavy to remove. So we'll wait and see if time is on our side.
Hopefully evaporation is going to reduce the weight....

vrijdag 28 juli 2017


The beginning of the kendermans holiday:
An early start this morning to tackle a big tree that fell into our backyard... 

zondag 23 juli 2017



We visited Maastricht several times, the kenderman lived in this city once,
but we've never made a boat trip on the Meuse (Maas in Dutch).
Our closest friends invited us to join them so that's what we did! ☆

We enjoyed a really nice afternoon in good company.
After dinner we left Maastricht by dusk in a hurry.
Just in time before AndrĂ© Rieu started his open air concert (sigh of relief)
when it started raining...