woensdag 2 februari 2022

Little Owl Nestbox

We've been talking about this bird for al long time.... the little owl (steenuil)
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On Saturday bird ringing Noord-Limburg placed a special nestbox in our tree

Thank you Patrick!

This is supposed to be a marten proof nestbox...

We spotted martens in de back garden several times.
Once I saw two youngsters chasing each other at dusk ☺︎

Just a little pruning by the kenderman to ensure a free flight path.

Immediately small birds like blue tits and coal tits investigated the new nestbox.
Now we just have to wait for a couple of little owls to discover it...

maandag 31 januari 2022


It has been 3 weeks already, we visited Wissant 

Stormy and rainy on Saturday...

Sunny on Sunday ☀︎

In the morning we visited the beach in Wissant

 Followed by a very nice afternoon at Cap Blanc-Nez (Blankenesse, Witte Nes)

Near the cliffs it can be dangerous.
There's always the lurking danger of a collapsing cliff wall.
And breeding on a steep chalky water leaking wall isn't without risks either...

vrijdag 31 december 2021

't Kristallijn

A friend suggested a walk in semi-public park 't Kristallijn in Mol

Right now the gates are closed but you can see some beautiful photographs here


It's been quite a month...

First of all my mother-in-law passed away.
Followed by the mother-in-law of my brother-in-law two days later .

My own mother died December 26th in 2018.
We used to spent Christmas time with family, due to covid it's different now.

Being surrounded by nature, I heal and recharge ★

zondag 21 november 2021

PAN Amsterdam

Finally... another edition of PAN Amsterdam

Naaktfiguur  / 1917 
etching by Samuel Jessurun de Mesquita (info in Dutch here)

 "Pink op het strand" 1874 by Jacob Maris

old map by J.L. Kikkert of Texel 

some other favourites...

oil painting of a birds nest

Tournai vase by René Lalique

What a beautiful day with my friend Antoon!

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