zondag 10 mei 2020

Mother's Day

I often think about my mum.
Asking myself what she would have said or done...
She was and will always be a big inspiration to me  ★

zaterdag 9 mei 2020

Comfort Food

This is a good time for comfort food, simple Piedmont peppers for example.
It's my all-time favourite... instant sunshine on a plate!
You can find the recipe here and more photo impressions here

woensdag 6 mei 2020

We All Need Our "Eigen Stekje"

The Dutch word for a cutting "stekje" has a second meaning in Dutch :
"eigen plek" or "thuis", translated your "own place" or "home" in English.
So "We All Need Our "Eigen Stekje" means "We All Need Our Own Place".
I really hope everyone of you has a save place right now!

Although I should have more time to be more productive, my life has slow down.
We spend so much more time in the garden and outside than we normally do.
I enjoy having more time to relax, reflect and spend more time with the kenderman & cats.
I don't like to be able to meet with family and friends, even colleagues (smile).
But I'm so glad we're both lucky enough to be able to work from home!
The kenderman just loves to see me multiplying ferns (big smile)

Keep your distance, hang in there, hold on and love one another!

 the mother fern...

zondag 29 maart 2020


Right now a lot of people have feelings of anxiety...

You can find some comfort by listening to your favourite music, looking at
a nice painting or sculpture, reading a beautiful poem or book etc.
It will reduce your stress levels immediately.
In our brain experiencing beauty is connected to "trust"
and therefore to the belief everything is going to be okay.
It might take some practice if your not used to see beauty in "normal" things.
If you really try you can find beauty everywhere around you!

Take care of yourself and the ones around you and be save!

woensdag 11 maart 2020

Homesick for Vlieland

Vlieland is one of my happy places... sea, beach and quietness...

I just love secluded beaches... a peaceful stroll in solitude...

a bit of beachcombing...

in the evening a delicious diner for two at the Armhuis

followed by another day of cycling, walking and searching (smile)

The kenderman is taking shelter here.
The strong wind made it almost impossible to set foot on the Vliehors.

you can't tell but the wind was fierce!

On our way back to the cottage I spotted some Soay sheep in the dunes.

And on Monday we arrived back to the mainland.
We'll go back to Vlieland (over and over) again...

zaterdag 7 maart 2020

Panorama Vlie

Due to the strong windforce there was no way to hold the camera still...

At this time of year I need a view and a woodburning stove...

I hope you'll enjoy your weekend!!!

woensdag 4 maart 2020

Extended Weekend

Last Friday we went back to Harlingen... for the ferry to Vlieland

the dark spots on the sand are seals... in the background you can see Vlieland!

an 'invasion' of tourists spreading across the village...

you can find all of my Vlieland posts and photos here

zondag 23 februari 2020


'On nights like this when the air is so clear,
you end up saying things you ordinarily wouldn't.
Without even noticing what you're doing, you open up your heart
and just start talking to the person next to you -
you talk as if you have no audience but
the glittering stars, far overhead.'

- Banana Yoshimito, from Goodbye Tsugumi

'Tijdens dit soort nachten, als de lucht zo helder is,
zeg je dingen die je normaal niet zou zeggen.
Zonder door te hebben wat je doet, open je
je hart en begin je zomaar te praten met
de persoon die naast je zit - je praat
alsof alleen de glinsterende sterren,
ver boven je hoofd, je kunnen horen.'