Thursday, 18 May 2017

Too Big

Today we said goodbye to (sold) my desk because it was too "heavy" for this space.

Now it's back to basic.
This old table came from an outdated factory I once worked.
Almost 30 years ago. Yes, I started working at a really early age (smile)
More photo's of my old desk: herehere, here here and here.
And then suddenly my computer is oversized! (big smile)

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Art Breda

I visited Art Breda. Here you can see some of my favourite pieces.

Two paintings by Hendrik Willem Mesdag...
 oilpainting "Kalme Zee" (price 275.000 euros)

watercolor "Vissersboten langs de kust" (price 58.00 euros)

"Don't give up" by Riky van Lint

"Nenuphars" by Émile Gallé 

Princess of Darkness by Irene Wijnmaalen 

David Begbie - Sensu 2013

On the left my "prince of Darkness" (big smile) and companion.
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