Sunday, 26 March 2017


In case you forgot, it's time to adjust the clock one hour! ☺︎

Saturday, 25 March 2017


Last night my dad sent me an email beginning with a, to me moving, sentence:

- Al is onvermijdelijkheid voorzien... daarmee wordt aanvaarding niet vanzelfsprekend -

- Even when the inevitable is foreseen, acceptance isn't guaranteed -
(translation credit to my brother)

Friday, 24 March 2017

Good Times

(photo august 2015)

This morning I just had to call the vet!
Mobli needed some help with so-called assisted euthanasia.
The vet came, gave him two injections en then it was over.
He reassured me this was the right and only thing to do.
It wasn't curable and his natural death could have taken several more days.

When we came to live here 11 years ago, Mobli was a regular visitor of our backyard.
He was a tough looking adult cat who hunted our field and respected our privacy.
As soon as he saw one of us, he immediately left the garden.
So we could always enter our backyard with our cat Sil with no problem.

Over the years we got quite attached to Mobli and Mobli to us.
The kenderman and me think he was a pretty special feral/stray cat ★

If you would like to see more of Mobli : click here

We'll focus on the good times we had with Mobli this weekend.
Hope you'll enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Hard Times

Mobli is getting worse and he is terrified by people and in particular by our vet.
So we decided not to ask the vet to visit us and give him a lethal injection.
We really want to save him the enormous stress it would give him.

The only way I'm coping right now... Mobli doesn't look like he's in pain.
He hasn't been eating for 2 days and he's locked in now.
That was a hard decision to make because we have always
respected his freedom but it wasn't safe any longer.
We live beside a busy road and last night he suddenly disappeared from his den.
So I went looking for him in the dark in our backyard, calling his name.
I was worried because I couldn't find him and just when I was about to enter
the house on the front he crossed this road strolling very slowly.
Although his hearing and eyesight are getting worse by the day,
he followed me inside and that's when I closed and locked the cat flap.

I'm relieved he's safe with us but I'm really sad we're going to lose him anyway.
Now it's just a matter of days...


Mobli is fighting a lost battle ...

Monday, 20 March 2017


Since a couple of days I've been feeding Mobli raw meat.
He was getting thinner and thinner and wouldn't eat any cat food.
No longer half the cat he used to be, we were afraid of losing him.
He lost his athletic steady walk and started walking unstable, lost a lot of weight
and energy, couldn't wash properly and his eyesight got really bad.
Desperately I asked the kenderman to bring Mobli a chicken fillet,
originally planning on boiling small pieces of meat for him.

That's when the kenderman proposed to feed Mobli raw chicken meat.
Last Saturday I gave it a try and he started wolfing down his food right away.
Two days in a row he's been eating raw chicken and today I gave him some raw salmon.
He's still skin and bones but you can see he's feeling a little bit better.
When we came home today we couldn't believe our eyes...
Mobli was lying on top of the gate after barely being able to jump on a chair/my lap for days!
I'm keeping my fingers crossed and I'm not giving up on him yet
but I know Mobli has become tremendously vulnerable.

But he's purring loudly when he's on my lap... even while I try to give him a wash.
Only his mouth (you can see why), hind-legs and tail can do with some extra care.
I can't understand why but the rest of his fur is shining!

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Lazy Weekend

Today is a gray day and perfect for a lazy afternoon on the couch watching a movie.
Mobli's condition is getting worse so I'll be spending a lot of time with him ☆

Hope you will enjoy a nice lazy of even active weekend!