zondag 25 februari 2018

Time to Prune

Yesterday an arborist came to prune our wheeping willows.
When he was packing up his gear a common buzzard
landed on the big branch he's standing on (photo 1).
When the kenderman was gathering all the wood that fell from the tree
a common barn owl flew from under our half open barn!
Woohoo!!! Not that "common" to us!

donderdag 15 februari 2018


Someone came at the front door and asked if he perhaps could pollard our trees.
His 5 donkeys love to eat and play with willow twigs and we happen to love donkeys!
We'll visit them soon ☆

zaterdag 10 februari 2018


Today we visited Amsterdam to pick up some Ant chairs we bought on the internet.
Such a coincidence the seller lives in our favourite neighbourhood!

We were craving for some sun so we crashed at the "Cat in the Vineyard" terrace
(De Kat in de Wijngaert)

Of course we bought some food (pies) and beautiful flowers at the nearest market!