zondag 30 september 2018

zaterdag 29 september 2018

Brussels Design Market

Today we went to Europe's biggest vintage design market in Brussel.
And we bought just two things (big smile).
A wooden toy, a crane from the fifties and a ceramic plate from the seventies.
You'll get to see some photos later...

dinsdag 18 september 2018

zondag 16 september 2018

Piet Hein Eek

Yesterday I went to PHE to have lunch with a former colleague of mine.... Antoon.

We share a common interest in art, antiques and design...
and I really enjoyed talking to him again.

vrijdag 14 september 2018

Autumn Arrives

Coming home on a weekday we might be able to catch the last sunrays on our terrace

Matin Formidable

This morning I just had to park my car besides the highway to take some shots!

The weather and rural landscape was sooo beautiful that I'm proud of myself
I did go to work although the kenderman had a day off.

I really hope you have a quiet and relaxing weekend!

The weather forecast is perfect for us here in Belgium.
Every hour the news report informs us about hurricane Florence in the USA,
and we hear very little about mighty typhoon Mangkhut in the Philipines.
My thoughts are with all those people who are struggling to survive!!!

zondag 2 september 2018


It has been a while since we visited the biggest European brocante market...

Lots of people and lots of things to look at...

being on on top of the defensive structures...

some live music...

Lots of antiques shops are open on Sundays....

And I just keep coming back to these, too expensive, museum cacti specimen jars...