maandag 23 juli 2018

Life can be translucent

young female Banded darter dragonfly (Bandheidelibel) in our garden

I'm so sorry for my absence!
Perhaps you remember my mother had a severe operation at the end of March.
(you can read my earlier posts hereherehere and here)
She slowly recovered afterwards but she didn't recover completely.
Now new scans confirm she's terminally ill and she's fighting a lost battle.
Her condition is getting worse and life threatening really quickly.
We'll be spending as much time as we can with her.
So please hang in there with me...

woensdag 4 juli 2018


Most of our ferns are wilting due to the warm weather and ongoing drought.
While watering with a water can, I suddenly spotted a visitor.
Pan is having a siësta. I think I should follow his example ☺︎

dinsdag 3 juli 2018


In the Hague Museum of Photography an exhibition of photographer Jan Banning
For Bureaucratics he photographed public officials in eight countries.

 Sushma Prasad assistent clerck at the
Cabinet Secretary of the State of Bihar 

That's a different kind of archive than the one we're used to...

Thailand, 'site 8', camp for Cambodian refugees,
de facto led by the Khmer Rouge, close to the Cambodian border.
Physiotherapy for land mine victims. 1987

 Dirk Kome - Belgian blue checkered pigeon
Homing pigeon club, Bovenburen Winschoten, 2017

On our way to the train station... walking through the city centre...

zondag 1 juli 2018

Art Nouveau

In the company of a good friend I visited the Art Nouveau exhibition in The Hague.
I just love to be surrounded with beauty and it was certainly worth the visit!!!
Below some of my favourite objects...

Jurriaan Kok - sugar bowl and Mocca pot (1902) painted egg shell porcelain

Theo Nieuwenhuis - clover and clover with roots (ca. 1900) paint on paper

Chris Lebeau - pike perch study (ca. 1900) pencil and ink on paper

Chris Lanooy - vase with underwater scene (1906-1907)
painted earthenware with luster glaze

Theo Colenbrander - four-piece garniture Day and Night (1885)

Cornelia van der Hart - vase (ca. 1903-1907)
glazed earthenware with sgraffito decoration

and another work from
Chris Lebeau - study after a cross-cut of a red cabbage (ca. 1896-1899)

this study resulted in a gorgeous patterned corduroy textile and bench...

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