zondag 1 juli 2018

Art Nouveau

In the company of a good friend I visited the Art Nouveau exhibition in The Hague.
I just love to be surrounded with beauty and it was certainly worth the visit!!!
Below some of my favourite objects...

Jurriaan Kok - sugar bowl and Mocca pot (1902) painted egg shell porcelain

Theo Nieuwenhuis - clover and clover with roots (ca. 1900) paint on paper

Chris Lebeau - pike perch study (ca. 1900) pencil and ink on paper

Chris Lanooy - vase with underwater scene (1906-1907)
painted earthenware with luster glaze

Theo Colenbrander - four-piece garniture Day and Night (1885)

Cornelia van der Hart - vase (ca. 1903-1907)
glazed earthenware with sgraffito decoration

and another work from
Chris Lebeau - study after a cross-cut of a red cabbage (ca. 1896-1899)

this study resulted in a gorgeous patterned corduroy textile and bench...

you can find my earlier visits tot he museum here and here

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