vrijdag 30 mei 2014


We've been extending our windowsill so Nim could lie down comfortably.
In just two more days she'll have to share this extra space with a friend :)

woensdag 28 mei 2014


Today I've been eating smoked salmon again.
A few months ago I read a horrible article about farmed salmon.
Containing a high amount of antibiotocs and forced to swim in their own filth. 
 It definately made me decide to stop eating salmon. 
Today I've been eating biological farmed smoked salmon from Sweden with Wasabi rocket salad.
And it tasted really good!

I've just been reading it takes more than 5 pounds of wild fish to grow 1 pound of farmed salmon :(
From now on I'll be only eating sustainable caught wild fish.


zondag 25 mei 2014


I've been gradually changing my working space.
We bought a secondhand PHE table which will be my new desk.

But first the kenderman had to sand it and I had to oil and soap it.

Here you can't see the end result yet..... but this is what it looked like before.....
I sort of have to keep changing things :)

donderdag 22 mei 2014


In our hometown there's a fair.
This fairground attraction reminds me of my own youth.
Can't believe childeren like these nowadays :)

dinsdag 20 mei 2014

The new indoor tree ferns keep providing us with the most beautiful shadows.
Nim is harassing the ferns to stimulate us to play with her.
And the kenderman can't possibly ignore a tree fern being bashed up :)
She's such a clever little rascal :))

zondag 18 mei 2014


We've been repotting the new tree ferns and I already had some Ikea PS Fejö pots.
Time will tell if these plants are Nim proof :)
The current light makes it difficult to make some good pics but I'll make it up to you.

zaterdag 17 mei 2014


I wanted some new indoor plants but somehow I couldn't succeed. 
Then suddenly ..... eureka!.... I thought of some indoor tree ferns.
It didn't take much effort to convince the kenderman :)
So off we went to the Tropical Centre.
We bought a Dicksonia antarctica, a Cyathea lunulata
(aka Sphaeropteris lunulata, it's Fijian name: Balabala) and a Cyathea australis.

donderdag 15 mei 2014

Thrift Store Find

During our vacation we visited several thrift stores.
One of my finds is this porcelain soup bowl from Lilien porzellan.
I love the material and the shape.

woensdag 14 mei 2014


 Nim wants to join me.......

I love looking at pictures......
In this case it's a necissity because I don't read Japanese :)

maandag 12 mei 2014


We bought an identical table to the one we already have.
My earlier posts here and here.

 So the kenderman could start sanding again ......
This oiled and orangy table was in desperate need of some work

this is how it looks like after some serious sanding

Now I'm planning on finishing this table asap with a white oil
and (after an couple of days) protecting the table with white soap.

vrijdag 9 mei 2014

Beervelde Garden Days

We try to go to Beervelde Garden Days at least once a year.

The kenderman has a special interest for ferns :)

The garden days aren't only about plants........

there is brocante for sale.........

mouth watering scented dried onions and garlic.......

you can even buy your own spaceship ;)

Opposite we traditionally eat a pancake with brown sugar.

And when I might wonder where the kenderman is........
I just have to find me some tree ferns :))

donderdag 8 mei 2014

Fully Booked

pictures by the kenderman.

Right now all of our nestboxes are occupied.
We have 3 nests of great tits and 1 blue tits nest.
The great tits are nesting in a swift's nestbox and a tree-creeper's nestbox.
Within a couple of weeks we'll be expanding with 4 nestboxes for swifts.
And finally we will build our own little owl nestbox.