donderdag 29 november 2012


Although I bought this mask in a Fair Trade store a long time ago, I still like it.
It reminds me of a seventies painting I have been seeing in Sailmountain :-)

woensdag 28 november 2012

zaterdag 24 november 2012


This Envol garland hangs in front of my window right now.
Virginie creates beautiful garlands. You can see for yourself and order here.
I ordered a couple of custom made garlands for my window frame because this extra long garland isn't ideal.

donderdag 22 november 2012


These sumflowers make me think of Vincent van Gogh.....

Although the weather forecast had predicted some rain, yesterday morning we had a bit of sunshine.
So I jumped on my bike and I went for a ride.

woensdag 21 november 2012


You participants must be extremely curious because my blog has been visited a lot today!
And who is the winner of the last kenderfrau contest?

It was tough choosing a winner, but finally I made a decision.......... it's St.Joor=
Hopefully he was just joking and he would spare the, probably last living, dragon ;-)

I really enjoy these contests, there will be more. So stay alert!


vrijdag 16 november 2012


It's time to put on my felt slippers and sit by the fire.
I'm such a lucky woman!

Have a nice weekend!

Precious Possessions

My most precious possessions.......
These things are all over the house to remind me what's really important in life.
Family, friends, pets, nature and my "worthless" finds :-)

donderdag 15 november 2012


When everything is turning red, yellow or brown outside, I feel an urge for some fresh green!

woensdag 14 november 2012

Wednesday Lunch

My favourite lunch on wednesday.
A "petit pain" with Norwegian soft smoked salmon.

Autumn Glass

What would you like to serve in these glasses?
And yes it's a contest so one of you can win a little present :-)

zaterdag 10 november 2012

Gregory Alan Isakov

On thursday we went to a really intimate concert of Gregory Alan Isakov in the night club of Roepaen.
It felt almost like a living room concert. It was amazing!
For the encore we left the night club and we all went to the monastry hallway.
The musicians experienced the fabulous acoustics earlier that day.
A really perfect ending to a great evening.

You van listen to some of my recordings here:

woensdag 7 november 2012

Quiz Winner

First I'll explain to you what this object is.
It's like one of the Peelmormels suggested, a measuring cup.
This one is especially designed for coffee (koffiemaatje).
 You have two options. One side is for a big amount of coffee and the other side is for a much smaller amount.

I want to thank everyone who commented on my post.

Finally I'll announce the winner of the kenderfrau quiz......
It's Snorrit. His answer made me laugh out loud!
Tomorrow his little present will be send to him.

Don't forget to pay attention. In the near future you'll find another quiz :-)

Raining Cats and Dogs

Despite the wet weather the birds are as busy as ever using our sunflower seed feeders.
Our hedge is functioning as a save passageway for the little birds .

dinsdag 6 november 2012

What the Fig!

For weeks I have got my mind set on an indoor fig......

I really love this leaf shape.

But you shouldn't go to the garden centre to buy a tropical plant right now :-)
This Ficus carica was placed in a cold greenhouse, it had lost some leaves and it was already entering dormancy.
I took a plant home, gave it a much bigger pot and some mediterranean potting soil.
We'll see what happens......