Wednesday, 21 November 2012


You participants must be extremely curious because my blog has been visited a lot today!
And who is the winner of the last kenderfrau contest?

It was tough choosing a winner, but finally I made a decision.......... it's St.Joor=
Hopefully he was just joking and he would spare the, probably last living, dragon ;-)

I really enjoy these contests, there will be more. So stay alert!


  1. Congratulations St.Joor=!
    On a related matter; how about a contest where we can win the cat that is sniffing the glass in the picture above? That would be the most epic prize ever :D

  2. NEVER!!!! Whishful thinking Snor.

  3. Thx Kenderfrau and Snor ...let's drink a glass together, probably the cat will join too.
    grt, St. Joor=