maandag 29 mei 2017


Too many lonely, sensitive and creative individuals decide to step out of it.
I think self-determination should be a human right for all...
but why does it feel so much like failure?
My thoughts are with family and friends ☆

Song: That's not how dreams are made - Jasper Stevelinck

donderdag 18 mei 2017

Too Big

Today we said goodbye to (sold) my desk because it was too "heavy" for this space.

Now it's back to basic.
This old table came from an outdated factory I once worked.
Almost 30 years ago. Yes, I started working at a really early age (smile)
More photo's of my old desk: herehere, here here and here.
And then suddenly my computer is oversized! (big smile)

woensdag 10 mei 2017

Art Breda

I visited Art Breda. Here you can see some of my favourite pieces.

Two paintings by Hendrik Willem Mesdag...
 oilpainting "Kalme Zee" (price 275.000 euros)

watercolor "Vissersboten langs de kust" (price 58.00 euros)

"Don't give up" by Riky van Lint

"Nenuphars" by Émile Gallé 

Princess of Darkness by Irene Wijnmaalen 

David Begbie - Sensu 2013

On the left my "prince of Darkness" (big smile) and companion.
You can see some of our earlier trips together herehere and here.

vrijdag 5 mei 2017

woensdag 3 mei 2017


  one of my favourite kind of views

 the Gallo-Roman Herstappe(l) tomb in Lauw with the kenderman on top

and the 1950's watertower in Crisnèe, rue d'Oreye

dinsdag 2 mei 2017

Treasures from Crisnée

Yesterday we went to a brocante market in Crisnée,
I saw something I liked so I asked: C'est combien? (French for: How much is this?)
The seller in Dutch: Dat! Dat is de tand van een beer! (English: It's a bears tooth)
(we continued our conversation in Dutch, just read my free translation underneath)

Me: That's no bears tooth! It's a bone, just take a look at the structure inside.
The seller: Yes, yes it's a bone... it's a dinosaur bone!!!
Me: That's no dinosaur bone! And I wasn't asking you what it was (smile),
I just want to know your price...
A smiling seller: 1 euro?

 I also found a small torch with a bullseye (aka walleye, dome) lens
and a torpedo style (aka Hamilton's, bomb, egg) soda bottle for a couple of euros.

We already had a simular torch and bottle...
This might be the beginning of a new collection... (big smile)

maandag 1 mei 2017

International Worker's Day

Being Labour Day today, we went to a brocante market in Crisnée.
We're always hoping to find a treasure in the amazing piles of junk.