dinsdag 2 mei 2017

Treasures from Crisnée

Yesterday we went to a brocante market in Crisnée,
I saw something I liked so I asked: C'est combien? (French for: How much is this?)
The seller in Dutch: Dat! Dat is de tand van een beer! (English: It's a bears tooth)
(we continued our conversation in Dutch, just read my free translation underneath)

Me: That's no bears tooth! It's a bone, just take a look at the structure inside.
The seller: Yes, yes it's a bone... it's a dinosaur bone!!!
Me: That's no dinosaur bone! And I wasn't asking you what it was (smile),
I just want to know your price...
A smiling seller: 1 euro?

 I also found a small torch with a bullseye (aka walleye, dome) lens
and a torpedo style (aka Hamilton's, bomb, egg) soda bottle for a couple of euros.

We already had a simular torch and bottle...
This might be the beginning of a new collection... (big smile)

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