vrijdag 30 augustus 2013

Misty Moring

Summer is fading and coming to an end.
And although I love the summer I enjoy all the different seasons.
So I'm not depressed at all :)

donderdag 29 augustus 2013


I bought a magazine rack.
Normally my magazines are scattered all over the place.
Still thinking of fixing this rack to the wall.......

dinsdag 27 augustus 2013

Tiny Owl

Last sunday......
Every now and again we want to check on the little owls.
Check my previous post here.

zondag 25 augustus 2013

Morphic Mobli

Yesterday Mobli visited our garden for just a brief moment.
The kenderman thought of him earlier that day......
Before we could think of a way of feeding him he had left already.
We were both happy to see Mobli again.

zaterdag 24 augustus 2013


More info about this tree fern here

This morning I'll be working in the garden a bit.
Hopefully we can go for a canoe trip later this day.

Enjoy your weekend!

vrijdag 23 augustus 2013

Old Shed

This old farm shed is laying next to a recently renovated farmhouse. 
I love old sheds!
A lot of old sheds I once photographed are (long) gone by now.
Hopefully this one is a stayer.

woensdag 21 augustus 2013

Sun Cross

Twenty years ago I found this stone in an ancient forrest.
Laying on the side of an eroded path in the east of France.
I picked it up and it just felt good too hold it in my hand.
When I saw the engraving I expected it to be something special.

The cross within a circle is probably the oldest symbol of the world.
Could this be a (bit wobbly) solar cross or sun cross?

● The wheel on my pebble isn't complete.
Only two opposite quaters have a rim......
But the wheel cross with four spokes in time lost its rim and became a 'real' cross.
● There seem to be traces of black paint........

On the internet I found this article "Canna Rocks".
Altough the stone is much bigger (25 cm diameter) than my stone (5,5-6,5 cm)
I thought there were similarities like stone colouring and black traces of paint.
But the bigger stone has a much clearly engraved early Christian cross.
In this article I found the word bullaun.
Now I'm convinced I found a water-smoothed pebble
that might have been used as a curse-stone or cure-stone.
And all this time I had my own cure-stone :)

If you have some information for me......... please leave a comment!

dinsdag 20 augustus 2013

Long Time No See

Although it has been almost 5 months now......... I miss Sil almost every day.
I know I should only be grateful for the time we had.

maandag 19 augustus 2013


My dinner can be so simple!
I really love my vegetables.............and a glass of wine :)

zondag 18 augustus 2013


If you look closely enough you can see Skin on stage :)

It must seem like a dull concert........
but I made these photo's during the calmer (when I wasn't dancing) moments.

zaterdag 17 augustus 2013


kender happiness :)

Yesterday we went to Pukkelpop festival.
It's a 3-days festival but we only bought tickets for friday.
We had a great time and we saw Daughter, Chvrches, Skunk Anansie, Dez Mona and the Prodigy.
 That we ended on Hasselt's railway station at 3 AM and we had to wait for 5 hours to get the first train home, is just a minor detail. Around ten we could finally go to sleep :)
You can visit the website of Pukkelpop and find the livestream of today here.

donderdag 15 augustus 2013


I love oak wood.......raku........and green tea.
This is definitely my cup of tea ;)

woensdag 14 augustus 2013


I love clouds!

I've started working again and I had two exhausting days.
On monday I worked really hard for 13 long hours and yesterday only 11 hours!
And again it was a good lesson I should be more careful with my energy
I'm so glad I feel much better after a full night's sleep
and having this day to myself :)

zondag 11 augustus 2013

Purple Potato

Our first home grown potatoes!

"Bleue de la Manche" is a purple variety.
The flowers are a bit purplish as well. You can see for yourself here
Our crop wasn't big. We only harvested 5 potatoes.
Two big ones, one medium size and 2 small ones.
We cooked two of them and they tasted really delicious.

zaterdag 10 augustus 2013


And then suddenly I had a thing about leather........

Don't worry I'm not going to buy myself a leather pants :)
But I did buy this pillow from Mensch Made and a new leather shoulderbag.

vrijdag 9 augustus 2013

Friday Lunch

Canoe Testing

We have been testing our new canoe.
The kenderman transformed a trolley into a canoe cart.

You get such a different perspective from the water.....

One of my old time favourites "Zwanenbloem"
(aka grass rush, flowering rush, Butomus umbellatus)

Heading back home.

woensdag 7 augustus 2013


Yesterday we bought a Canadian type canoe.
Because our car isn't suitable we had to loan my parents car.
In a couple of hours my father built an almost free DIY roof-rack. Thanks dad!

A quick stop to check all the knots again. (the trash isn't ours!)

I've been doing some work on this canoe.
It was decorated with a childish (probably fake American Indians pattern)
tape all around and some stickers.
This canoe is probably from the seventies but it looks very sturdy and cool.

We will have to take it for a testdrive as soon as it stops raining :)