woensdag 21 augustus 2013

Sun Cross

Twenty years ago I found this stone in an ancient forrest.
Laying on the side of an eroded path in the east of France.
I picked it up and it just felt good too hold it in my hand.
When I saw the engraving I expected it to be something special.

The cross within a circle is probably the oldest symbol of the world.
Could this be a (bit wobbly) solar cross or sun cross?

● The wheel on my pebble isn't complete.
Only two opposite quaters have a rim......
But the wheel cross with four spokes in time lost its rim and became a 'real' cross.
● There seem to be traces of black paint........

On the internet I found this article "Canna Rocks".
Altough the stone is much bigger (25 cm diameter) than my stone (5,5-6,5 cm)
I thought there were simularities like stone colouring and black traces.
But the bigger stone has a much clearly engraved early Christian cross.
In this article I found the word bullaun.
Now I'm convinced I found a water-smoothed pebble
that might have been used as a curse-stone or cure-stone.
And all this time I had my own cure-stone :)

If you have some information for me......... please leave a comment!

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