donderdag 23 mei 2013


Perhaps you have wondered about the name kenderfrau

I needed a name for my blog, wanting just one word.
Because it's my nickname, kenderfrau was easily chosen.
Originally it came from kender. Being a type of fantasy race.

I like these kender characteristics:
 - their curiosity and their innocent tedency to 'borrow' things.
- kender are described as not believing that there is anything morally wrong with handling others' items.
In addition, they do not tend to "find" things like money, gems, and the like, as they are depicted as having little concept of monetary value.
- kender are described as masters at the art of insulting people, using a wide repertoire of taunts, sarcasm, rudeness and insults.
 - they obtain a wizened appearance as they grow older, due to the fine network lines that appear on their faces around age forty, and have pointed ears which gives them somewhat of a resemblance to elves. (like me :-))
- kender tend to have a wide vocal range, enabling older individuals to perform impressive sound imitations. (definately the kenderman)
In adition to their wide vocal range, they are often depicted as rambling and speaking very quickly when excited, which can make them difficult to understand at times.
- kender's natural lifespan is about 100 years. They age slowly, remaining childlike in comparison to other races even when their bodies slow down.
- kender view death as the next adventure, and do not linger long in sadness after passing of a loved one.

I have very good memories of the evenings we played Dungeons and Dragons organised by master Fishban!

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