vrijdag 8 november 2013


We were immensely happy with Nim for three whole days and then we started to worry.
The week before she came to us she was sterilized. Suddenly we saw here tummy swell.
On wednesday we went to the vet and he wasn't positive either.
Besides an unlikely infection this could be caused by some broken internal stitches.
The effect: her intestines popping through her abdominal wall.
A serious problem! As a result Nim could die. The vet gave her an injection
and hopefully we would see some improvement is a couple of days.............

Today we'll go to the vet again. We have been worrying a lot.
Because the abscess didn't shrink it looks like she'll need another operation again :(
And she's so small!

We just came come from the vet and he thinks the swelling is decreasing!
Nim is getting better :)
He thinks the abscess is caused by an allergic reaction to the internal stiches.
So the swelling should decrease some more although she might end up with some extra scar tissue.
Her first battle scar ;)
We're over the moon!!!
We'll drink to Nim, her health and her happiness!
(She's purring on my lap right now)
Enjoy your weekend too!!!

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