Monday, 23 June 2014

Close Encounter

Since a week I've been feeding Mobli regularly......
On wednesday he lay down on our drive to sleep and he wasn't looking very good.
He's skinnier than he was before and his coat is yellowing.
While he was sleeping I sneeked up on him to feed him.
When I was about 1 metre away he woke up! I scared the hell out of him, so he ran.
He jumped over the gate and looked back at me. Quickly I raised the white bowl, put it on the ground,
turned my back at him and walked away. From inside the house I could watch him eating :)

Yesterday, while I was hanging some laundry outside, we saw him
entering our backyard so I went inside to get him some food.
When I came back the kenderman told me he had already left :(
I walked to the back of the garden, peeked around the wooded bank and there he was.
Once again I spooked him so he ran but after a couple of metres he looked back.
I showed him a white bowl, put it down and left straight away.
In no time he emptied the bowl.

I continued hanging the laundry and then, at a distance of a couple of metres,
Mobli started meowing at me...... probably asking for more food :)

 Finally we sat down to have a drink and some tapas.
Mobli seemed to enjoy our company so he took a nap at a save distance.

Afterwards I gave him another white bowl with food.....

And provided him with some fresh rainwater.
Mobli stayed the whole afternoon and evening.
He is still cautious but no longer leaving as soon as we enter the garden.

Hopefully he'll learn to trust us so we can help him.
At an age of 10+ it will get harder for Mobli to survive the next winter.


  1. Nice work catwhisperers :D

    1. A great catwhisperer visited and inspired us recently :)

  2. 2 gardening angels :-)