Wednesday, 2 July 2014

One Year

My blog has been evolving into a cat blog ;)
Today's post will be no exception because it's our Nim's first B-day! Just hang in there.

(dont' be fooled by this photo)

Nim is a great pet to us, and a lovely friend and 'surrogate mum' to Mats.
She will play with him, sleep next to him, wash him,gently bite
and 'reprimand' him and protect him. And boy she will protect him. 
On top of this 2.2 mtr cabinet, there are 2 cats lying down.

Mister Mats is surrounded by her! There's no way he can fall of this cabinet.

And what does she get from him?
He bites her, miaows way too loud, wakes her, creeps up on her and eats her food.
Although he can be a real pain, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't wanna miss him.
He's just so cute when he sleeps ;)


  1. Happy Nimday!

  2. Luckily my sister was just as protective of me when i was a little boy!
    (Come to think of it, she still is after almost 40 years :D)