donderdag 16 april 2015


When we arrived here in 2006 there was a plum tree in our back yard. In wintertime this area flooded regularly. It was more like a bog garden. The tree itself was a poor looking specimen but the early blossom was to die for. So we held on to this tree for a couple more years but finally we had to cut
it down.

February 2009 we've planted 7 Pyrus chanticleer espaliers on higher ground, parallel to our drive.
We wanted to improve the view from our kitchen window on the 3-layer apartment block next-door.
First the kenderman dug a deep narrow trench all the way to the back of the garden. For that he needed
a power shovel. He really enjoyed using that digger :) He placed a drainage pipe, added a layer of recycled shells and stones and filled up with the original ground and lots of compost.

After 6 years I would say the trees are "coping" but not thriving. A professional told us the trees are infected with a fungus called Venturia inaequalis. But lets try and focus on the bright side.... 
the blossom is gorgeous!

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