zondag 27 september 2015

Project Mobli

On Friday I was hesitating to collar Mobli...
But he acted really cool as if he was used to it :)


The next stage was installing a catflap for Mobli so he can sleep an eat inside the house.
No, he won't be joining Mats and Nim. There's no way Mats would tolerate Mobli.
Mobli will have his own room where we can join him and check on him without having to go outside.
You can see an read about his previous winter home here and here.



It's such an ugly catflap! The catflap is open now so he can get used to this.
Since Mobli doesn't have a microchip we needed a catflap with chip collar
because no other cat is allowed in. This must be a save haven just for him.
Hopefully the door will look a bit better when I'll paint it.
But is works!!! Around midnight I checked on him and he was
still sleeping deeply. He has probably spent the night indoors :D

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