zondag 20 december 2015


(Last night this photo was taken by the kenderman from the inside)

Mobli is home again!

Last night we picked up Mobli at the vet.
The vet discovered, after he completely anaesthesized Mobli
- at first he tried some kind of lighter anaesthetics but Mobli kept fighting him -
one of Mobli's molars was seriously infected so he removed it. Molbi has cataract and diabetes.
He will have Mobli's blood examined as well. It must have been quite traumatic to Mobli!
In the past he was earmarked and castrated after he had been captured.
According to the TNR program (Trap, Neuter and Release)

I provided him some food (he started eating immediately), water and a cat box near the closed exit.
For almost 2 hours I strolled outside the house with Mobli.
He wanted to stay outside but the anaesthetics were still influencing his being.
So finally he just had to go inside for his own safety.
Early this morning hurrah I found some clear evidence...
Out of necessity Mobli had been using his cat box for the first time.
Finally he could regain his freedom so I opened the cat flap.
He disappeared until late afternoon, then we cuddled and now he's sleeping inside again :)

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