vrijdag 26 februari 2016

Mobli Update

Mobli is fine! (sigh!)

I'm so glad the vet couldn't find something significant.
Since a week Mobli suddenly wasn't eating and when he tried, he stopped obviously in pain.
We suspected Mobli was having some serious teeth problems again.
This morning I asked the vet to chip Mobli and he answered we'll see....
Earlier he told me it's not common to chip such an old cat and we'll look at the prospects first.
This evening the vet told me Mobli was only suffering from periodontal disease and
was having a minor fever. And he chipped Mobli! To me that's a good sign.
On Monday the results of his blood test will give us some more information.
Let's hope Mobli will lighten up our lives for much longer.
Finally at home he started eating straight away and jumped on my lap for some cuddles ✭

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