donderdag 13 april 2017

Ancient Electrics

We bought a vintage bakelite mushroom ceiling lamp online.
When it arrived I discovered the fitting was missing.
The plan is to use it as a standing/table lamp on top of our old piano.
We'll we able to screw it on top as a safety measure for our cats.

When I visited my parents yesterday morning my father, still in his pyjama
and robe, started searching his garage trying to find an appropriate fitting.
I also visited 3 electric shops but nobody, not even my dad, was able to help me.
The current standards don't fit and old-fashioned bakelite parts are hard to find.

But just before I fell asleep 💡
- I have to check the old bakelite barn lamps I once bought -

Niko no. 6020, 6020, spare glass, Niko no. 6263 eagle-eyed and sniffed by Nim

It turned into a small collection over the years ☺︎
And YES it seems I do have one bakelite and porcelain fitting!


Now I just need some sturdy electric cable (Nim likes to chew on electric cables)
and a bakelite switch and plug. To be continued...

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