Saturday, 14 December 2013

Healing Hedge

Finally we layed our first 7 meters of hedge today!
About 10-15 years ago we got interested in hedge laying.
It's a skill still practised in UK today.

We bought our plants for a mixed hedge row 5 years ago.
We wanted to plant these at the end of our backyard but we needed some extra time.
For the time being we planted them, quite cramped, in a temporarily spot.
Since two years the plants are planted in their final spot, growing higher and higher.
So we were in desperate need of some serious hedge laying ;)
We decided we wanted to do this job by ourselves but we realised we needed some practice first.
Today we started our course at (for sale) Buitenplaats de Bonenburg in Heerde.
According to our instructor in the UK they understand the "healing qualities" of hedge laying.

this photo is "borrowed" from someone

Every team (of two people) had to work his way through 7 meters of pricking Hawthorn hedge.
I assisted the kenderman with laying and weaving while he was doing the tough bit.
We had a great time, enjoyed our good company and loved the result!

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