vrijdag 6 december 2013

Training Nim

I loved the idea to get rid of the litter box......
The environmental impact of using commercial cat litter has become a matter of concern.

For a couple of weeks the litter box stood next to our toilet.
On wednesday I finally started Nim's training.
First I cleaned the toilet and then I installed a toilet seat with a red shallow tray (fase I)
and filled this with litter. Nim was already curious observing me.  
As soon as I finished, she jumped on the toilet to do some heavy digging in the cat litter.
She looked a bit frustrated because it's a shallow tray with less litter than she used to have before.
I thought it might be good to give her some privacy so I left.
And it worked!!!

15 minutes later I was cleaning the toilet again :)
Already she has been using it 7 times without having any "accidents" yet.
Cats have a very sensitive nose and they are very clean animals.
So it's really important to keep her toilet clean, without any traces of ammonia.
This is going to be an endurance test for the borh of us :)
To be continued......

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