maandag 23 mei 2016

Museum Visit

Yesterday we visited the Jakob Smits Museum.
A fortnight ago I bought two prints from Dirk Baksteen at the charity shop.
I did some research on the internet and that's when I got hooked :)

Jacob Smits was his teacher, friend and almost a second father to him.
According to the website the museum should have some work from Dirk Baksteen as well.
At first we saw a lot of work from Jakob Smits...

Christus en de overspelige vrouw 1923 - Jacob Smits

Landschap 1924 - Jacob Smits

My favourite work: Moeder met het geitje - Jacob Smits 

And some other works from the Molse School...

Witzandwinning "La Molloise" - Gaston De Biemme 

 Het gesprek (windmolen) 1928 - Dirk Baksteen

Sadly enough there was only one work of Dirk Baksteen we could find in the museum.

Chapeau for the lady in the museum! She made our day.
After I told her we were kind of hoping to see more work of Dirk Baksteen,
she told us after repainting the walls almost all of his work was in depot now.
But she was willing to go and get a box and show us some of his works. Yes!

While sitting on our knees, we saw some beautiful etchings.

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