vrijdag 24 maart 2017

Good Times

(photo august 2015)

This morning I just had to call the vet!
Mobli needed some help with so-called assisted euthanasia.
The vet came, gave him two injections en then it was over.
He reassured me this was the right and only thing to do.
It wasn't curable and his natural death could have taken several more days.

When we came to live here 11 years ago, Mobli was a regular visitor of our backyard.
He was a tough looking adult cat who hunted our field and respected our privacy.
As soon as he saw one of us, he immediately left the garden.
So we could always enter our backyard with our cat Sil with no problem.

Over the years we got quite attached to Mobli and Mobli to us.
The kenderman and me think he was a pretty special feral/stray cat ★

If you would like to see more of Mobli : click here

We'll focus on the good times we had with Mobli this weekend.
Hope you'll enjoy your weekend!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Goodbye Mobli, we will remember you!
    How tough you were,
    How you caught mice and rats,
    How you roamed through the garden
    and how you became friends with the two kenders

    1. 😘 Thank you Peelmormels
      He will be remembered!

  2. Well done you two kender saints. Sucks when the right thing to do is so heart-wrenching.
    I bet Mobli enjoyed the last few years of his life the most because of you. <3

    1. 😘 Thanks Snor
      Just like we loved his company!