woensdag 22 maart 2017

Hard Times

Mobli is getting worse and he is terrified by people and in particular by our vet.
So we decided not to ask the vet to visit us and give him a lethal injection.
We really want to save him the enormous stress it would give him.

The only way I'm coping right now... Mobli doesn't look like he's in pain.
He hasn't been eating for 2 days and he's locked in now.
That was a hard decision to make because we have always
respected his freedom but it wasn't safe any longer.
We live beside a busy road and last night he suddenly disappeared from his den.
So I went looking for him in the dark in our backyard, calling his name.
I was worried because I couldn't find him and just when I was about to enter
the house on the front he crossed this road strolling very slowly.
Although his hearing and eyesight are getting worse by the day,
he followed me inside and that's when I closed and locked the cat flap.

I'm relieved he's safe with us but I'm really sad we're going to lose him anyway.
Now it's just a matter of days...

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