vrijdag 10 maart 2017

There Comes The Sun

Mobli has had a couple of rough weeks because he was sick again.
Taking him to the vet is way too stressful so we could only hope for the best.
I'm not sure if it was his diabetics, his kidneys, his old age or a poisoned mouse.
For several days he wasn't eating or drinking. Now skin and bones.
Then it suddenly hit me...
All the things I offered him while he was feeling sick, he considered a risk.
The reason he got this old is just because of his cautiousness.
So I tried something else and he started eating straight away.
Today I visited the pet shop and I bought a lot of different kind of cat food.
Just to get him started and to try and get him back on a special kidney diet again.

We soaked up some sun together and I hope we have at least another spring and summer!

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