maandag 20 maart 2017


Since a couple of days I've been feeding Mobli raw meat.
He was getting thinner and thinner and wouldn't eat any cat food.
No longer half the cat he used to be, we were afraid of losing him.
He lost his athletic steady walk and started walking unstable, lost a lot of weight
and energy, couldn't wash properly and his eyesight got really bad.
Desperately I asked the kenderman to bring Mobli a chicken fillet,
originally planning on boiling small pieces of meat for him.

That's when the kenderman proposed to feed Mobli raw chicken meat.
Last Saturday I gave it a try and he started wolfing down his food right away.
Two days in a row he's been eating raw chicken and today I gave him some raw salmon.
He's still skin and bones but you can see he's feeling a little bit better.
When we came home today we couldn't believe our eyes...
Mobli was lying on top of the gate after barely being able to jump on a chair/my lap for days!
I'm keeping my fingers crossed and I'm not giving up on him yet
but I know Mobli has become tremendously vulnerable.

But he's purring loudly when he's on my lap... even while I try to give him a wash.
Only his mouth (you can see why), hind-legs and tail can do with some extra care.
I can't understand why but the rest of his fur is shining!

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